About Grande

The Grande is H&M Landing’s primary Full Day open party boat. We have three restrooms with shower to complement our large galley that seats 30 people. The boat has a bunk room with bunks available to all passengers on all trips including our Full Day trips and we also have a refrigerated RSW fish hold in use on all trips. The boat is very wide and low to the water, with the three well bait tank designed with hand wells all the way around the tank to maximize the spaciousness of the stern. The wheel house sports the most modern electronics including a Furuno stabilized side scanning sonar, Furuno Fathometer, Furuno and Simrad navigation plotters and Fujinon stabiscope gyro stabilized binoculars.

The Grande is owned and operated by James McDaniels and Tyler Winslow. They have been fishing the Coronado Islands and local offshore tuna grounds exclusively for the last 20 years. The crew and operation that we have built over the years to form our team are the true reason for our success.

stern view of the Grande boat