Fish Report for 10-21-2022

Island action!

James McDaniels

Today we took 29 anglers down to the Coronado Islands and are coming back with 46 yellowtail and 95 Bonito. We have a private charter tomorrow and a full day offshore open party trip on Sunday. After that we will ask you to please keep a close eye on our schedule as we are going to schedule trips for whatever seems to be the better option. 

For Islands trips, Yo-yo Jigs and dropper loops were the best way of catching these fall yellowtail and we had a few shots on fly line bait and surface irons also. 

For offshore, bring a 30-40lb rod with matching flurocarbon and an assortment of J and circle hooks from size 2 to 2/0. 

Full day trips are departing from H&M landing at 5:30am seven days a week. For Coronado Islands trips, a valid passport is required. For booking please call H&M landing at 619-222-1144 or logon to