Fish Report for 9-9-2023

Fun overnight trip!

James McDaniels

30 anglers today on an overnight trip caught 28 Bluefin Tuna, 7 Dorado and 2 Yellowtail. We had a lot of fun on this overnight trip and if it sounds like something you would like to do we have another one going out Monday night! It needs just a few more people to be a definite go. All Full Day trips for next week are definite go!


Now booking September! September is set up for Full Day offshore trips everyday! We also have a few select overnight and 1.5 day trips mixed in! Please check the schedule on our website. 


Tackle recommendations:

(All are available to rent at H&M)


For Dorado and Yellowtail on kelps; keep it simple. 30 pound test straight tied to a 2/0 mustad J-hook is all you need. 


For Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna; 30-40 pound flyline setup with size 1 and 2 circle hooks and fluorocarbon. 


Also a good idea to bring some Daiwa Zakana jigs or other shiny dart style jigs in the 100 to 150 gram size. 


Trips will be departing seven days a week at 5:30am from H&M Landing. 


Passports are NOT required. Free bunks available for all, please bring your own bedding. Return times may be later than expected. No fuel surcharges at this current time. 


For booking please call 619-222-1144 or logon to